Bugs advocate. iPhone-only photographer. Cheese lover.

Hi! I’m Sara. I am half Emirati, half American (not to be confused with Arab-American). I have an academic background in psychology, environmental studies, environmental policy and management and an employment background in legal assistance and sales. Although still in the ‘developing stages,’ I live a wonderful life. I am the most lazy, active individual you’ll ever meet = I can’t sit down, but I also love to do nothing. I enjoy trying new recipes in the kitchen and going for long drives through the mountains. I have a 100,000-mile-old Jeep (obviously named Jeremy) that takes a lot of abuse. I hike and take pictures of interesting looking bugs, flowers, plants and other living things. The trick is getting your phone as close as possible without scaring it/them away. I take a lot of pictures of the sky. I Snapchat a lot – as long as it’s worthy of ‘the snap.’ I spend many hours a day on my iPhone. I read the news and then get mad at the news. I take many Buzzfeed quizzes, from which I have learned that my firstborn should be named Sansa; and I am, to my relief, a Gryffindor. My favorite sport to watch is football and I will forever bleed orange and blue. My favorite sport to play is ‘bed time’ – I aim for 8 hours every night. So far I’m averaging around 7 so I have some work to do there… I rely on technology to check my spelling and I thank God for Google every day. I’m an artist with many unfinished paintings and a reader with stacks of half-read books. I am a flawed individual with a lot of heart. Send me an email, I’d love to tell you more.